FLOWA HETCH x Maud Vantours x FORMICA Group

Enfilade FLOWA - Design collab - HETCH x Maud Vantours x Formica Group

the designers

the collaboration

how they work

Although they are both designers, Maud and Pierre-Henri work in very different fields. However…

Maud creates paper items, and her working method is all but conventional. In her creations, she uses high quality papers, with many sparkling colours, that she places on top of each other.

As for Pierre-Henri, he creates contemporary pieces of furniture in veneer or solid wood. Indeed, with its many essences, wood offers a large panel of natural tints and remarkable shades.

Making a colorimetric choice for the coherence of your work is never an easy task. But despite their differences, Maud and Pierre-Henri proceed in a similar way.

They compare their samples on top of each other and compare them in order to decide and make an objective choice.

the concept

Pierre-Henri discovered Maud’s work on television and was so impressed that he decided to get in touch with her.

He suggested a collaboration on a common project of contemporary and innovative furniture, combining their technical skills and artistic worlds with only one fundamental basis: superposition.

the design

the visual identity

An accomplished and efficient creation, is a creation with a strong visual identity that that will bring emotions and feelings to the spectator.

Rapidly, the designers decide to focus on one of Maud’s works called Flora. The accurate drawing, the play of light and shadow, the bright colours convey beauty, freshness and poetry.

The way to go becomes an evidence, and the work to come will focus on one particular pattern.

the technique

As an analogy to Maud’s work, Pierre-Henri concentrates on the industrial method used in making of layered wood panels.

Consisting of the superposition of crossed layers of wood veneers, these panels, which are mainly used for furniture and layout, offer stability and mechanical features beyond compare.

Thus, the technical process was found.

Then remained the choice of the appropriate material which had to be resistant, thin, colourful, easily manufactured and at the same time able to keep its mechanical qualities: mass-coloured laminate.

the prototype

the benchmark of laminate

What is more natural than to choose the brand we automatically think of when you talk about laminate and the brand everyone knows...

This is exactly what Maud and Pierre-Henri decided to do when they contacted Formica Group. And it worked!

Convinced by their creativity and their daring project, Formica Group accepted to be part of the adventure. The brand gave them special conditions for the supply of the laminate mass coloured sheets from ColorCore® so sought after by designers.

The manufacturing of the prototype of the sideboard could now be launched.

Thus, FLOWA was born.


the FLOWA sideboard

in details

Chaque exemplaire de l’enfilade FLOWA qui sort de nos ateliers est estampillé et numéroté.

the scenarios

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